• New School — Master of Arts in Sound Studies, 2018-2021 

  • Parsons School of Design- Design Minor 2019-2021

  • Izmir University of Economics — Master of Arts in Media and Communication, 2016

  • Izmir university of Economics — Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 2010


  • Film for Fashion Workshop, Izmir University of Economics,

Izmir, Turkey — 2017

With Rohat Turk ,Composer, workshop speaker (about how the audio-visual design is working for fashion movies and which elements are affecting sound design process.)

  • Composer & Sound Designer, IKSV International Jazz Festival,

Izmir, Turkey  — 2017

Collaborated with video artist Aras Ozgun, performed a live audiovisual performance  and did an installation for the opening.

  • Sound Designer & Field Recorder, Kontrpie (Short Movie), 

Izmir, Turkey — 2017

Field recording, audio post-production and sound designs. 

  • Organizer & Speaker, Hack’oMusic Sound Design Hackathon — 2017, 2018, 2019. 

Founding & event design (with Aysun Demirdogen,) organization (with Originn.)

  • Composer, Miço The Short Movie, Izmir, Turkey — 2016 - 2017



  • Composer & Sound Designer, Theatre Gestus, Izmir, Turkey — 2014 - 2016


For the ‘Out at Sea’ play, composition, sound design, mixing, live performance.

  • Composer, IKSV Izmir Music Festival, Izmir, Turkey — 2016


Collaborated with Aras Ozgun, his video mapping installation for the opening night of the International Izmir Music Festival: Composition and sound design. 

  • Head Manager, Eygi Kerestecilik, 


Manisa, Turkey - 2009 - 2014 Production control, administrative position. 

  • Tog (Social Volunteers Foundation), Teacher, Volunteer Work and Photography, Izmir Turkey  — 2003 - 2014

Coordinator, volunteer as a teacher in a social responsibility project that was helping kids of the low income families to succeed in their education life. 

  • Guitar Teacher in Hedef Learning Centre, Manisa, Turkey  — 2003 - 2014

Teacher (Young adults between 14-25 ages.)


  • Audio Production & Post Production, Weighted Words Podcast, New York  — 2019 - Present


Audio post-production for Cheyenne Davis’s podcast serie (Link in reference.)  

  • Audio Production & Postproduction, RedDog Productions, New York  — 2019 - Present

Worked with Macha Beard Harper, had experiences on live recording sessions and live-broadcasts which includes Student Emmy awards. Also did field recording.    

  • Teaching Assistant in New School, Sound Design Course, New York  — 2019 - Present

Course assistant (for Barry Salmon’s Audio production and Sound Design class.) 

  • Sound Design & Audio Post-Production, The Exchange Short, New York  — 2019

Designer and mixer (produced the FX sounds and mixed the advertisement that produced by The Exchange Short for CocaCola company and Regal Cinemas.) 

  • Field recording, Student Short Movies, 

New York — 2018

After starting New School, collaborated with four different student directors in their short movies as a field recorder. 

  • Sound Designer, Bir Varmis Bir Yokmus Theatre, 

Izmir, Turkey — 2013 - 2018

Sound effects, technical equipment, Fx performer (Setting up mixer, microphones, instruments). 




  • Audio Programs: Logic Pro X, ProTools, Ableton, WWISE 

  • Edit programs: DaVinchi Resolve, Premiere, Photoshop 


  • Volunteered in TOG (Society Volunteers) between 2003-2014. Worked in, Oral History, Climate Change, Discrimination and Homophobia, Education and Village projects. 

  • Playing Guitar and Keyboard in bands since 2003 

  • Reading about philosophy, art and personal development 

by Yigit Eygi